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Since people seem have been commenting a lot on the cinematography of our new video for FIRE (which has had 1,300 youtube views in 5 days, 50 shares on Facebook), here’s more about how it was made. Mike Simpson of MJS Collective – – was the man behind the camera. He says…

“The camera we used was the new Arri Amira with Cooke Mini s4i lenses. We used only natural light, so nothing artificial. The fire scene on the beach pushed the camera to its limit – it was seeing generic zithromax into the dark past what the human eye can see, which for lesser cameras can become too ‘noisy’. This is the term we use when the cameras sensor sensitivity is pushed high and creates a kind of fuzz on the image and looses sharpness like old film grain but not as aesthetically pleasing. But this camera was very good due to Arri’s R&D on their sensors. We’re really pleased with the results.”

King Eider - behind the scenes filming FIRE

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