The making of FIRE… the cameraman speaks

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Since people seem have been commenting a lot on the cinematography of our new video for FIRE (which has had 1,300 youtube views in 5 days, 50 shares on Facebook), here’s more about how it was made. Mike Simpson of MJS Collective – – was the man behind the camera. He says…

“The camera we used was the new Arri Amira with Cooke Mini s4i lenses. We used only natural light, so nothing artificial. The fire scene on the beach pushed the camera to its limit – it was seeing generic zithromax into the dark past what the human eye can see, which for lesser cameras can become too ‘noisy’. This is the term we use when the cameras sensor sensitivity is pushed high and creates a kind of fuzz on the image and looses sharpness like old film grain but not as aesthetically pleasing. But this camera was very good due to Arri’s R&D on their sensors. We’re really pleased with the results.”

King Eider - behind the scenes filming FIRE

Official FIRE video – now live

Ahead of releasing Fire on 23rd February, the single’s official video is now live on youtube. Watch it! Like it, share it, show your friends. It was shot on the west coast of Scotland in windswept rural Argyll in October buy levaquin 500mg 2014.

Artistic Director: Aaron Bevan-Bailey
Editor: Robin Tyrone Pigott
Production: MJS

Fire will be released on 23rd of February 2015 via New Pupil Records. Preorder Fire on bandcamp.

King Eider, Edinburgh band music blues folk

King Eider with a new darker sound for 2015

Isle of Wight 2015 – confirmed for Garden Stage!

King Eider at Isle of Wight Festival 2015

Yup, we’re playing on the Garden Stage, one of the three main stages at this 58,000-capacity festival. John Giddings himself has been in touch to confirm we’ll be playing on the weekend, and we can’t wait. Join our Facebook event.

How did this happen? It’s thanks to a few people, starting with Gaby Roslin. We were thrown out of in a park in London and a certain radio presenter stopped to listen, with her daughters. She invited us on her show, and liked us enough to invite us back a second buy generic Valium time. Live on air, she persuaded her friend Monkey (Caroline Monk) to let us play at Koko, at the Isle of Wight Reunion Gig she was to host. She did, we did, and it was ace. During sound check, the man behind IoW said yes. And we’ve just had email confirmation too. So 13th or 14th June it is…